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Confira a Letra Starbirth in the Triffid Nebula

Rachel Stamp

Starbirth in the Triffid Nebula

Look into my eyes
Can't you see that I've been crying
I'm so alive and so alone
I feel like dying

One of these days I must remember to stop destroying myself

It's so quiet
I lay upon this frozen shore
Deep inside
Mighty demons will crawl and scream like horses

You tell me to forget about it when I think about it all the time
I throw myself into the wine red ocean
Cleanse myself of these maggots and worms

I got hurt
No-one cares except my Mother
I got burned
No-one cares except my Lover

Wrapped in gold and talking pretty lies
Preachers line the road so stiff with prode
While leeches of some god unshown
Prey on the Chosen Ones in violent homes

Do I have to beg for forgiveness?