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Confira a Letra From Lust To Ruin

Radio Fiction

From Lust To Ruin

A heart in hand, the blood flow slows down
Her aspiring conscience shot down again
Trying to be free, she still finds entrapment
Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened
Pain is her second nature, through neglect and nurture
Every step forward, only takes her backward
She's suffered death in every circumstance
No more second chances, still, her heart beats

Two bodies meet, and magic happens
It must be somesort of witchcraft
Dismal skies change from bleak and wet
This was a day she'll never forget

Feeling things she's never felt
Showing things she's never shown
But saying things she's always said
"I'm so goddamn alone"

Nobody will understand how it felt
When he held her hand
Hollow hearts are no longer haunted
When you get what you've always wanted

Such a gorgeous sight - falling in love...
It pains her to see how alone we all are
And still her heart beats
For hope in hopelessness
So hopelessly romantic
And still her heart beats