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Confira a Letra Asgore's Theme


Asgore's Theme

This will be the ultimate clash
It's a bloody battle to death
All this pain just to warp me back
To where I belong

From now on, there will be no escape
I can't lie, I will miss this place
But my heart will always remember
Your friendly face

It won't change!
What is done, is done
The king looks at me
Comes down from his throne

Can't hold back
My breath it's all gone
My vision it's blurred
I'm asking myself

What have I done?

The pain that caused
The friends that I left
I broke all the laws
There is no way back

Did I change their lives?
Did I make it worth?
We had our good times

And suddenly I must go

I wish I could stay
At least one more day
Would that be okay?
The time won't delay

It's hard to decide
Cause after this fight
Someone has to die
And I hate to say goodbye

Should I embrace the only chance I have?
Should I erase these people from my past?

Maybe it was meant to happen
And I should stay around
What if I'm just a human
That was born underground?

What if I became a creature
With a magical bound
Maybe Toriel was right
And this is my new home now

Maybe I am just dreaming
But if I am having trouble to wake up
Then it means that I am underground sleeping
And there is no way up

So even when the fight in here is over
I'll be probably be laying in my bed

And the memories I carry from my slumber

They will all be worthwhile
They will all make me smile
There will be no exile
Because I am sure that I'll
Be back!