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Confira a Letra Make You, Break You

Gerry Rafferty

Make You, Break You

Many Times I've Seen You
Each Time You Always Act the Same
You've Got Everything You'll Ever Need
On That We're All Agreed
I Really Do Believe That Butter Wouldn't Melt in Your Mouth

You Started Out Saying That You Knew Me
But I've Never Known Anyone Like You
You Said We Thought the Same
So I Just Played the Game
I Really Didn't Mind 'cause I Knew That I Was Winning All the Way

It Takes So Long to Make You
But a Whole Lot Less to Break You
'cause Every Time You Try to Act Like a Lady
You Give Yourself Away

It Takes So Long to Make You
But a Whole Lot Less to Break You
'cause Every Time I See You Look Into a Mirror
I Can ?tell That? Who You Really Are

Why Don't You Take a Look Around You?
Just Try and See the Other Side
Maybe You'll Find It Strange
Or Maybe You'll Like the Change
At Least You Would Know There Were Other People Living in the World

You Can't Play the Same Old Game Forever
Someone Will Surely Cut You Down
So If You're Going to Stay Around
Get Your Feet Back On the Ground
Find Your Direction, Follow It All the Way