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Confira a Letra New Street Blues

Gerry Rafferty

New Street Blues

Sitting Here Is Really Bringing Me Down
I Think I'll Get Up and Go Downtown
Have a Drink and Maybe Look Up a Friend
To Talk the Hours Away and Hope the Night Will Never End
Look in My Pockets to See What I've Got
I Count My Money, I Don't Have a Lot
The Situation Is Always the Same
I've Got to Get Out of Here, This Place Is Driving Me Insane

Hold On, I'm Getting the New Street Blues

About a Year Ago, I Knocked On This Door
I Asked My Friend If I Could Sleep On the Floor
He Took Me In, Said I Was Welcome to Stay
I Told Him Then That I Was Going to Pay Him Back Someday
He Took Me in and All He Asked Was a Song
?it Didn't Sound? Me When I Knew It Was Wrong
It Got So Bad That We Were Drunk Every Night
And I'd Pretend That Come Tomorrow Night Things Would Be Alright

New, New, New Street Blues
I've Got New, New, New Street Blues