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Confira a Letra Fear (Wasn't In The Design)


Fear (Wasn't In The Design)

Dancing, dancing round the fires scales of brass
And blackened gold wings of flame, obsidian
Eyes miracle you behold sparkling bliss you see
In her motion joy of living and dancing in flame
Gave the birth with all your devotion time to
Give her a name charming dance draws the rune
Of earth flame mesmerizing, enchanting,
Femimine and proud see - her life and the fire
Are the same "i shall name you - llah", - you
Speak her name aloud smile freezing on you
Face, turning into the painful grin burning
Invisible crown compressing your head scarlet
And black rings dancing before your eyes with
Groan you're falling to the ground whispering
"why?" - "it wasn't in the design!"... "pain... so
This is pain... now i know how it feels... my
Creation... it wasn't in the design... so it must
Not be..." charming dance drew the rune of
Earth flame mesmerizing, enchanting, feminine,
Divine you saw - her life and the fire were the
Same so you named her llah forever to shine ...
New feeling - like the wave of black flame:
Wrath melkor rises with his fists clenched and
Shouts to the sky "you, the one! leave him be!
It's easy to control the weaker... try me!"
"your words..."