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Confira a Letra Planekeep / The Crypt


Planekeep / The Crypt

In the land of the dead shall thee travel an isle of ghosts and demons...
For as thy knowledge be rooted in history past - thy thoughts shall be but echoes from the crypts of the lost and the dead...

They that stare blindly into the hall of the past shall see not...
While he that stands aloof and notes carefully shall find the secrets witch lie nestled along out skirting waters... to embrace the dead as it truth is to dwell in darkened crypts... to cast thine eyes upon the radiant sun let this be thy truth...

Thus may one escape the crypt, and depart the island cube...
Thus may one escape the past and depart the island mind...

In the midst of ruin and misery shalt thy fate lie for thou hast chosen it for thyself this way thy kin is never innocent they said only feeble fragment of truth they new thou art not of thy kin thou art not of any kin in the Valley of the Doomed shall thee wander a meadow of shattered bones and shredded flesh for as thy eyes are shut willingly no ray of reason shall pass to enlight thee so thou couldst rise above the blinding mist and ascend to the Cosmic Circle

Lurk in twilight grey soft and warm safe and silent raise not thy sight calm thyself and live in peace calm thy soul - "live long and prosper" calm thyself and live in peace calm thy mind and lay thyself to sleep.

Armies of raised spirits march forth the sea of the undead is growing hazing thy sight and guarding thy Nemesis delight - to be blindfold... liches of thy mind leave the spellweb that binds thee to the mire of sweet memories safer than mother's womb: "why look ahead and see only sorrow and pain why lost thy faith in past..."... awake

Thou shalt stay with us, the crypt awaits thy return cantors praise thy rest in the midst of ruin and misery shalt thy fate lie for thou hast chosen it for thyself this way thou art of thy undead kin march with the army stay with thy ghosts.