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Confira a Letra I'm Gettin

Ray Cash

I'm Gettin

Johnny what it do
Feel good, so good
Gettin paper nigga, so much paper man
Quarter mill off Sex Appeal
what you know about that.....Hey!
Eastside for life, I'm a Cleveland nigga
I'm gonna ride to the day I die, get high
Bury me with my chrome 4-5

Tell these haters I'm gettin, that dough
Make a hater wanna hate me even more
Tell me is it my swag, the way I ride
Cuz you frequently might see me in your trap
Tell these haters I'm gettin, that dough
I make a hater wanna hate me even more
Tell me is it my chain, my bling
Cuz a nigga simply Do The Damn Thing!
Tell these haters I'm gettin....

[Ray Cash]
I'm gettin that dough, I make a hater wanna hate for sho
Cuz I'm here doing shows, gettin dough
Quarter mill off of Sex Appeal, you'nt know
Now blame it on the flow, blame it on the dro
It's alot of niggaz pissed cuz I hit they ho
But it wasnt my fault, the life I bought
She lookin at me wonder how much my jewels cost
I asked her was I fresh, she replied "yes"
Still captivated by the diamonds on my chest
I told her take a guess, couple for the watch, couple for the chain
Girl I Do The Damn Thing!
Don't forget the ring baby peep my swag
Got dro by the jar homie, I dont fuck with bags
I'm the realest rapper that this city ever had
Rick Realla's? in the building, you dont like it kiss my ass
Man we down to blast, catch us hanging out the window
If you want beef, dont think you knowin what you in for
Listen here fam, I'll blare em at your kinfolk
Until it blast I'm poppin tags, nigga watch me spend more


[Bridge] 2X
Get Money!
Let em hate!
Ride big!
Push weight!

[Ray Cash]
I'm gettin that cheese, and thats why you niggaz hatin on me
See now I understand, I'm the mothafuckin man
Doing what I wanna to do, you doing what you can
Got my gun up in my hand, Cartier frames
Cost over a grand man I see every thing
I did it for the paper, but they gave me the fame
So in return, hey..Do The Damn Thing!
I aint here to stunt, I aint come here to floss
I just came to tell you niggaz I'm the mothafuckin boss
And if you wanna rap, it just might cost
You might win some, but yo ass just lost..


[Bridge] 2X
Get Money!
Let em hate!
Ride big!
Push weight!