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Confira a Letra Eternity

Ready For Monday


I close my eyes and you take me there
a place where no one can hide
I stand alone with eyes on me
feeling i'm on the wrong side
from a distance i see the cross
where You laid down Your life for me
hanging there Your crying out
"forgive them they dont know why i bleed"

"take up your cross and follow Me
walking in the light of My feet
take up your cross and follow Me
surrender all you've got for eternity"

as I see the nails through Your skin
hands cover my eyes
all around i hear the silence
broken by this cry
the King of kings, the Lord of lords
is here
the King of kings, the Lord of lords
is here

I confess my sin to You Lord
I have nowhere to go
Your blood falls upon my shame Lord
washes white as snow