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Confira a Letra Whom The Gods Love Die Young


Whom The Gods Love Die Young

Would you feel
if I strayed up
on your world

Would you try
to improve your
hateful swirl

They'll come down
Uandicon shall
judge your will

Take you away
to his kingdom
after your killed

Whom the Gods love
die young
Falling through eternity
Whom the gods love
die young
Never knowing
what's in store

Will you fight
to regain your
previous life

Will you hate
winged creatures
in the night

You'll be free
from our world
here on earth

You'll be there
All you'll need
is a hearse

Howling Wolves

It was a stormy night
Out in the woods
Nothing but fright
Opposite of good

Howling Wolves

Edge of a cliff
A frightening call
The beast and a stiff
Moon like a ball

Howling Wolves

No fear and no pain
nothing but evil
is in my veins
howling wolves

Prolwling the streets
Searching for prey
Under their feet
Hell's stairway

Howling Wolves

Wolf man in the woods
Ready to kill
Never understood
Use of their wills

Howling Wolves