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Confira a Letra Disaster

Red Front


In memory of the victims
In quest for the guilts
A country in shock
A black flag

Rain did fall that day
The day that nobody wants remember
Inocents two hundred
The last breath

Before the end
The death came from the sky
Who saw, cried
From them only the silence
Things will not be the shame
When started the game
Of the blame and the shame
The pain of who stay
The file and the rain
Will this happen again ?
Will this happen again ?


And now, what they gonna do?
And now, what will be of me ?
And now, what they gonna do ?
And now, what will be of us ?

All the pain of the world
Nothing pay all the lives
The dreams all be lost
And the families destroyed

28 seconds the hell... the rest
Fuck the country
Fuck the people
You gonna pay