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Confira a Letra Bad Man Highway Patrol

Red Simpson

Bad Man Highway Patrol

You've really made an effort with the kids here in your town
You talked to them bout safety and bout keepin' speadin' down
And then you hear somebody talking low
He's just a silly stupid cop on Highway patrol

You stopped them on the highway and each time you will explain
A car is like a weapon and that drivin's not a game
They'll listen and they'll be polite to you
But you can't see the things you say just ain't gettin' through

It makes you mad man sad man but don't let it show
Though some call you bad man Highway patrol

[ steel ]
And then one day you get a call from just outside of town
Torn and broken bodies scattered all around the ground
You do your best at holding back the tears
Cause not a single one of them is over eighteen years

It makes you sad man mad man...