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Confira a Letra Religious Man


Religious Man

Danny: Religious man, Narrator, Devil's voice, & Good conscience's voice.
Amira: Angel
Natalie: An Execution Witness

Religious man:
"I stand in disgrace; I'm tied to the stake.
I'm watching the end of a lifetime of faith.
And, it's not the sword that beheads me, I fear… no.
It's when I stand before the throne of my lord."

Long ago, many years away, and for eons to come,
Will tell a tale of the struggle of man,
The timeless war between sin and virtue,
Good and evil, light and the darkness.

Evilness won't shine,
Unless you cross the line.

Merchant brothers have asked to leave their sister in the hands of that man for he was renowned as the most trustworthy.

Entrusted with her life,
He agreed upon her stay.

Three days have passed; and, his starvation for this maiden has grown inside. The bringer of chaos now knocks on his door, and, makes his entrance of mischief.

Would his will give in,
Before the power of sin!

Hesitantly, he decided to watch the maiden from afar.

Demons haunted his mind,
As the guilty conscience died.
The virtues upon him call:
"Have Mercy... don't you fall"

The fight, the choice between wrong and right.
The war is about to start.

"Disarm; a touch won't do any harm,
Feel her velvet skin in your arms."

Good conscience:
"Have you forgotten the reason behind,
Your life on this earth till the end of the time?
Seek your truth inside,
Don't you drift aside,
From the path of the maker, it is sanctified."

The lust, now a monster cruel, unjust.
Inscribe his name in dust.

"Feed your ravened core,
Devour her body for your pleasure.
Haha… I win."

Good Conscience:
"You claim to be truthful; you're far from that name.
What deception has lived dressed in virtuous fame,
Now you're chained by desire, and soon to be framed.
Pay heed, for your sins only end in hells flame."

Good Conscience:
"I pity your rue, but your time is up,
For I have given you more than one chance to stop.
Now, that you are awakened, with tears of repentance,
Pray GOD and his justice, have mercy on you."

An Execution Witness:
"Frozen by guilt, blood is spilled on your arm, she lies,
From livid eyes, you can't hide, condemned."

Religious man:
"Now I must pay the price"
lyrics by Ahmed Shamel
and Yasmin Nasr