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Confira a Letra If You With That


If You With That

Outta the thin air to the rescue.
About to bless you, higher than Finn air
I wreck crews. Who wanna wrestle?
Let it be known the rest better be letting it go.
I'm type: Incredible
Don't get no redder than so.
I'm right on this
Making it hot like in saunas
Honest I'm about to bomb this
Eating MCs like piranhas
Even Clark gets pyjamas, could've helped you
get that flow tight
You lowlife
Thinking you rapping just 'cos you hold a mic
I don't want a piece of the pie, I want a whole slice
Still, you know I easily smile, I don't need no ice
A little bit of weed and I'm fine for the whole night
And every hour or so about four pints
Long nights and short days now, that's me
Never been known really for acting classy
Your girlfriend says she loves how my pants be baggy
And that my raps be making the thoughts on her mind nasty.

I'm a quit that chit chat
Spit that shit that
Y'all get to spit back if you with that

Now you already heard a thunder sound in the underground
Nowadays they wondering how I come around
Only amateurs thinking my city is a summer town
My flow's a snow plough for you all year round
So whatever you saying I ain't listening
Messing with this, a stupid move like pissing in the wind
My flow's like nitroglycerine
Now do I need to tell you to raise your fist again?
Now for y'all who don't know it's AA for life
And for y'all trying to flow, better say goodnight
Letters I spray is trife
Seems like it's gonna be another one of them late nights
(We 'bout to take flight!)
Ain't it a sight?
Now Red do whatever Red like
Something stupid is probably what Red might
Clothes is nice, but rather a sponsor by Red Stripe
If it ain't sex then I'm a be getting some head right?

I'm a quit that chit chat
Spit that shit that
Y'all get to spit back if you with that

When I got a drink in front of me I'm the last to frown
You think you know how to boogie better pass the crown
I got a lot of trash in my mouth need to spit it out
So listen, I ain't leaving 'til they drag me out
(You have grass?) Mad amounts
Plenty to pass around
Forever we steadily ready to heavily mash out
So why you looking at me like I'm the asshole now?
You silly
That ain't me really, just ask around
Still I never pay much attention to them fashion clowns
Don't give a fuck and a half bout them bastards now
So what if you got cash and a mansion and a house?
What you bragging 'bout?
Shut your nagging mouth.

I'm a quit that chit chat
Spit that shit that
Y'all get to spit back if you with that