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Confira a Letra Introduction



It's real music for real people
the Hip Hop nuisance you fiend for

It's the booze that I'm guzzling
the troops that I'm running with
the truth's what I'm busting, kid
the news I be covering
the music, you loving it
the bullshitting government
the proving that you got the muscle, kid
the bruises, don't cover them
the loser, the prominent
the ruthless, the dominant
the few cents you profit, man
you gotta hustle them
improving your numbers
but never give in to any of Lucifer's promises
whether you leading the movement of following
we both know that only a few people understand
good shit we puffing to the beautiful drumming, man
throw your hands up if you love your mother, man
now I do it for the moon and the sun
for the few months of summer
for the food in my stomach, man
crews they be bluffing
now the dudes is in trouble
'cause as soon as I'm coming in they losing a couple ends
now let me tell you, I ain't new to the struggle
no, I move in a puddle though I grew inna suburbs
world leaders, hit them with cruel and unusual punishment
they might win some, but they losing this one, again