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Confira a Letra Ronnie



-23 years of life Got sacrificed for what?
can´t figure out that ...can you? I doubt that
a world to cruel for you Backstabbers trying to ruin
you satan himself was
pursuing you in the form of heroin breakin´ you with
this so called medicine tellin´ you that you´ll never
win mentally you got weak like a leaf trembleing
but that´s not how we be remembering´ you
assembling my crew , zippin brew we..proposing
a toast for you and if you can see us , and I
suppose you do I hope you do that way we´ll still be
close to you and as opposed to leaves that fall
to the ground the memory of you, won´t be torn
down old buildings i know that one
day Im´a see you again but...until then.

R. to the O. to the double NN. to the I. to the E.

-why is life taken away like that why can´t we move
time taking it way back to the times before
all this shit got started before you took that one
step and departed now your mom got only one
son and he goes by the name of DAN and his life
just only begun still this is not the only one,
emotional redrum he been through he lost his
pops to for surviving and trying to cope that
who I give props to and to my man Matsku to
really get rid of that shit only you yourself can´t
stop you !

R. to the O. to the double NN. to the I. to the E.

to all of y´all chemists gettin´ rich of all this shit
playin´ with other peoples misery like it was tennis / yourselves living it large your
life being tremendous i´m looking at you and asking
where my friend is! the trend is to do drugs is
not really "that dangerous" really? is that how you
defend this you pathetic don´t even sweat it
convincin´ me with that bullshit better forget it
Red`s ready
to set it straight from reality you can´t escape
you say you elevate to me it´s artfical and fake like
your life at a to fast pace giving your life away
be a to hard price to pay!
-don´t you agree the life your livin´ is lonely
is jus a matter of time before you O.D. ... wrote
these words
it be the way I see