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Confira a Letra Stand Strong


Stand Strong

My tired face looking out the window My sins go way
back so I hope God´s
payback begins slow Had it with bimbos in pink mink
coats, trying to be
blingo Guys who stress code dress codes, looking like
dildos I ain`t
good, I ain`t bad people I battle evil so I need the
fast life like I
need a smack needle Strange how the dark side attracts
me, too They try
me, and bribe me, but then tax me, too Through my eyes
the world look like
a mad zoo Love got cancelled while hate got advanced
and improved I´m
short and skinny / so bad move, having this bad
attitude Probably why I
lost my front teeth on the avenue

You don´t wanna let ´em get ya head down
Rock your boat but you ain´t gwan drown
You stand strong on ya own two
Never let them asshole control you

Keep ya standard high don´t ever let them break ya
spirit no.
´Cos every chance they gwan get they gwan try to steal
ya soul.
Put on ya x-ray vision and y´all see that everything
dat glitter ain´t gold.
You inna crossroad, but you gwan keep ya fire burning
it won´t get cold

These last past few weeks barely have money to eat
Too much heavy shit
on my mind to sleep Steadily trying seek/ a way to
make ends meet My
weary feet got me locked up inna dead-end street Life
got me fucked up
on liquor and weed staying sober sort a tricky for me

Don´t really fit
in this week I´m paranoid my imagination as sick as
can be but I´m
hard-headed my force field is heavy like bricks be So
if you talking shit
about me? I´m like go for it But why when my ass is
around you got your
nose in it? Mind your own business and wipe that
stupid grin off your
face you mad fake I can tell by your handshake Don´t
need the whole
world only need what a simple man crave If I can´t
have it I am starting
a rampage and it´s on ´til I can´t stand straight
Need a new landscape
The whole world be moving at a too fast pace Ain`t got
a last ace up my
sleeve for getting through this I´m a long way from a
genius, but I´m even
further from stupid Mental scars and bruises is hard
to cope with You
know this, of course, if your home is broken I can´t
say I believe in God
so it´s odd and hard to pray I do believe in demons,
though, so it´s hard
to say Just want a calm day to calm me down the sound
in my heart stay
saying it´ll be ok.

You don´t wanna let ´em get ya head down
Rock your boat but you ain´t gwan drown
You stand strong on ya own two
Never let them asshole control you

Hell a be froze over
Before I be walking around with cold shoulders
I fear no longer
No no, ´cos I´ve grown stronger