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Confira a Letra Sadist



Sadist... Sadist... Sadist... Sadist... Sadist
I never knew, you were a voice that made its home, inside my head
Now I'm carving scars in my arm to remember what if feels like to feel anything
It was only the start
My addiction, to tearing myself apart
I'm in love with hating myself, its the only real thing, I've ever felt
I hold a gun, to the head of God
Please tell me where I went wrong
Every single step I take, leads me right back to the same mistakes
I've been, here before, but I adore the pain
Keep coming back for more
I bleed, just to see, if theres anything left inside of me
We are a perfect fit, a sadist, and a masochist
I've never been good enough
I am never, good enough

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