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Confira a Letra And Come What May

Reign Supreme

And Come What May

and come what may i know that i'll survive
but life puts your will to the test
of love and death and baited breath
i lost again
i put the pen to the paper
so read the words i wrote as favors
i wrote this song to let you know my friend
to serve a constant reminder
and come what may, i'll still be here
needing you, and i know you need this too
this heart, this heart of mine has seen so many things
and i know that they were untrue, but i've never doubted you
so please, please don't take for granted
what we have achieved
know that you are my everything
there is no me without a you
and come what may, i'll still be here
love every moment
cherish every second i have with you
you'll never walk alone
i'll never leave your side
this love will persevere long after our bodies have died
let me wash away every tear you've ever cried
you'll never walk alone
i'll never leave your side
they can't take it away
(love) the only thing that makes this life worth living
we'll always carry each other
we'll carry on