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Confira a Letra To Live And Die (In Vain)

Reign Supreme

To Live And Die (In Vain)

i look back upon a life spent waiting, wasting time
wishing for what can never be mine
so many nights staring up at a blood red sky
i had to find strength inside to take what's mine
so i'll live in vain, and i'll die in time
always got tomorrow on my mind
some days i'm amazed to see the way you react
can't take the pressures of every day
i look back upon a life spent waiting
and i know that it's hard to get by
but that's the price you gotta pay
in these goddamned times
we'll tempt fate, cheat death
suffer and cry (to an empty sky)
so i'll live in vain and i'll die in time
and if we could live forever
we would bury ourselves in time
watch this world that we've built burn to the ground
burn it down
watch this world that we've built as it all falls down
to live and die in vain
i fucking struggle through
a youth defined by defying
through a life lived unsatisfied
i had to find the strength inside
sacrifice yourself to the trials
of modern existence
be born anew in the bowels
of american violence