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Confira a Letra Zombified Genocide


Zombified Genocide

Darkness - the cemetary is wrapped in the clothes of night

The silent night doesn't reveal the horror of this graveyard
The dusk awakens the dead, the rebirth of the undead
Awakened to feast on the blood of the pure
These dehydrated creatures from hell

Pale corpses walk the earth
Mankind is beyond retrieval
Ghouls and vampires kill as one
A walking plague of inevitable death

Screams pierces the air, people run in fear
Some people bleed, others are dying
The rest is totally dismembered
The bodycount is increasing relentlessly

Insurrection from the grave, they kill to eat, slay to feed
Munching the brains of the living - Zombiefied Genocide

Zombies out for gore - blood - gore
Undead crave blood - gore - blood
Awakened to eat - kill - eat
Zombies resurrected to kill