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Confira a Letra Tell Them I'm Sorry


Tell Them I'm Sorry

It's only jealousy that keeps me where
I stand and I can't make it through
another day without you.
All my senses are dulled. All my days impassible.
Every sky is painted grey. Rendered useless,
my heart is dead.
I'll apologize for the love I cannot lend.
Believe me when I say this wasn't all for nothing.
Digging this hole deeper, sinking further into hell.
There's no one left to blame for this other than myself.
The days keeping passing and
it doesn't get any easier to say that it's all over.
My innocence has faded away and im not getting any younger.
My youth has come and gone, life is tearing at the seams.
I have dreamt of this day for so long.
To show you how it feels to be completely empty and alone.
If I only knew the words to say.
I don't know how to end this.