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Confira a Letra For What It's Worth


For What It's Worth

Headed straight for the ground.
You dug yourself into an early grave.
Death holds no place for liars, for thieves.
For as hard as I've tried to help you, to save you.
It was all for nothing.
You've drained me of everything I ever
had and misfortunes left its mark on me.
I am the rain upon your field of fire.
Draining my wealth while your flames burn higher.
The Damage has been done and now you're down and out.
I have nothing left to say except you're on your own.
I've just grown so weary of
life and where this road is taking me.
I'll walk among the rest as you drift into your nothing.
I'll walk among the rest as you die all alone.
Betrayal has always had its c
onsequences and thats something that you're about to learn. your soul will find no rest.
The days will come and go all the same.
Every bridge that you've crossed,
every road that you've walked have now turned to ashes.
You fucking burned it all.