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Confira a Letra Thrown Away


Thrown Away

These feelings are relentless.
These are the reasons.
These feelings are the true death of me.
You could of had it all but now that chance is gone.
Too many nights were spent s
taring at a ceiling just thinking how it could have been. Almost twenty years lost.
Almost twenty years gone.
It still hurts the same.
But with a blink of an eye it was thrown away,
I was thrown away. Dead.
That's all you are. That's all your worth.
That's all you'll ever be to me.
I wish that you could know exactly how this feels.
Everything that you've said and done had led up to this.
They say its hopeless to keep this up. Downhearted.
I've given it up. I've grown up and walked away,
I'll never truely come home.