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Confira a Letra Defend Your Identity


Defend Your Identity

Open your eyes and you will see dead face
Some scene is visible among a day
A man spreads his arms and calls with effort
No! He doesn't! He screams!

My head!
Throws words away without shame, penetrating voice
A change! A wrack!
Two faces again with gaping mouth
Don't give up!

Grow up, turn on the light

The innocent pledge of love is unmoved
Just face of
Bites his lips and monitors
Expects the worst
Gathers strength all the time
To blow up one day
Foolish hope
He won't be like you
He won't be

My brain!
They've poisoned me, infamous cord is always there
I wanna wake up and fly!
This memory is dying now
Never give up!
Grow up, turn on the light
They cut my magical wings
Nothing, nothing as it seems
Grow up. Turn off the light