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Confira a Letra Tomorrow Will Change


Tomorrow Will Change

The evening time with slender lights
Is growing in us with a huge size
Is giving hope and bringing power in,
That tomorrow will change,
That tomorrow will win

God only knows why I'm giving back my right
To live and the rules to exist
The right to think, the right to act
To live and the rules to exist

And the peacocks plumes
Are floating inside the furrowed crack
And though their imperfection is seen from distance
The are own, unique, so intimate
And though their imperfection is seen from distance

And your eye is like a gleam of diamond
And the sleeping lips will pronounce no words.
This power is a will which exist inside
Its a gift, its a curse of delusion.
Mankind had more beautiful principles
And further, and further flags are going along
In this purple, morning of my dreams

A blue breath at the head of the capital city
Subcutaneous filling, abominable idea
I am you and you are my reflection
The crowd is arming itself, the union will win

It will be better when I close my eyes
It will be better when I go deaf
It will be better to stay myself
Then nothing more will move me