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Confira a Letra When Glory Turns To Ruin

Revel In Flesh

When Glory Turns To Ruin

When glory turns to ruin
Within the meal grinder
Battalions decimated to shreds

Waves after waves thrown into battle
A nightmare of blood and smoke
Sledge hammer treatment
Hear the voices of the dead
Nameless graves witness of a bloody struggle

Cannon fodder thrown into battle
Bloody failures
Failing of will
Painful lessons to be made
Devastating losses
Frozen fields covered with deads
Sacrificed in vein

Within the meat grinder
Voracious onslaughts
Determined to kill
Meat grinder
Where cruelty reigns supreme
Where cruelty reigns again

A whole front close to collapse
The calm before the storm
Awaiting the counter attack
As panic filled the air
Offensive operations rolling on
The enemy advances again
A cut off situation
Chaos & Destruction
Crucial defeat
Survival is the only law
One last breakthrough
Survival is the only law
Scorched earth marks our path

Within the meat grinder
Where life is supposed to rot
Meat grinder
When glory turns to ruin