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Confira a Letra Coming Down

Richard Fleeshman

Coming Down

The minute, you count it
The way the words just roll off your tongue
The breaking, the promise
The afterglow of a kiss in the sun

You could have warned me
You'd be laughing when i let you see it all
I was hanging by a thread
And you were there to watch me fall
And now i'm left asking why

It's coming down like
Chocolate stars in the sun
And everything we had is gone
Don't waste your time boy
Don't waste it shouting at the moon
Cause it's all coming down after you

The moment, you stole it and sold it
But the madness still lives in my head
Did i just imagine
The truth in all of the lies that you said

You didn't bother to explain
I never had a fighting chance
I'm a poet and fighter
Now my head is in my hands
And now i'm left asking why


Lying in lies
Put the clouds in my pocket
Cause i can't get you out of my mind
And i'm out of my mind