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Confira a Letra Daughter

Rick e Renner


Today I stopped to write
Something like that about you
And just let it slip
For the thrill of being able to tell you
The day you were born
Coming from the love of his mother and I
A beautiful gift that God has given us
The reality of a dream of mine

And when you cried
God taught me a new song
His eyes of a little angel
Would be doing my religion
Things that do not leave me
The first time I called the father
I'll confess now my daughter
With you I learned that a man has to have family

15 years is now
It is with joy that my eyes cry
My little angel that now fascinates
To me will always be my girl
Daughter where you go
Can not remain a place your dad
But make sure that I will always be
Close to you wherever you go

Not that I watch you go
Not that I want to be its owner
This is only a careful father
Daughter I love you

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