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Confira a Letra Jesus Hold My Hand

Ricky Skaggs

Jesus Hold My Hand

As I wander through this pilgrim land
There is a friend who walks with me
Leads me safely through the sinking sand it is the christ of calvary
This would be my prayer dear lord each day
To help me do the best I can

For I need thy light to guide me day and night
Blessed Jesus hold my hand
Jesus hold my hand I need thee every hour
Through this pilgrim land protect me by thy power
Hear my feeble plea oh lord look down on me
When I kneel in prayer I hope to meet you there
Blessed Jesus hold my hand

Let me travel in the light divine that I may see the blessed way
Keep me that I may be wholly thine and sing redemption's song someday
I will be a soldier brave and true and ever firmly take a stand
As I onward go and daily meet the foe blessed Jesus hold my hand

When I wander through the valley dim toward the setting of the sun
Lead me safely to a land of rest if I a crown of life have won
I have put my faith in thee dear lord
That I may reach the golden strand
There's no other friend on whom I can depend
Blessed Jesus hold my hand