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Confira a Letra Unfold

Unfold, you put this joy in my heart
You are what i want to sing about

Unfold, let your glory be known
In my life there is one king, and one
King alone

Maybe you gave me a ladder to safety
When you knew i'd fall
Maybe you saved me from constantly
Making mistakes and all

Never could ever begin to endeavor
How you've been involved
How you have unfolded my life to here


On days when my brain gets stuck
Behind a parade
Lord keep me calm
On days when its fake and being me
Doesn't take, lord keep me strong

Your love's an umbrella for whatever
The weather brings along,
You've unfolded my life to right here


To follow and to know you
To love people like you do
For you made me and i'm holding
To the promises your unfolding