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Confira a Letra Wave The Peace Sign

Riley Armstrong

Wave The Peace Sign

Makes you wonder, am i living for
The dollar am i living for what gets
Me there, the one more thing that i
Can wear cause maybe the gold
Rush won't last that long it'll get off
The bus just as quick as it got on

That's right, wave the peace sign
Let his freedom fall on us all the
Time my shelter is in the treasure
The treasure he just gives away
He just gives away, that's right.
Makes you wonder, could this line
Up get any longer
Line up for what everybody has
It's both meaningful yet meaningless
Just maybe my eyes could focus on
The bigger pickture, an open window
The battle my heart wages on


Maybe someday we'll understand
The treasure, the nail scarred hands
When this world is over, i'm looking
Forward to seeing my savior face to