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Confira a Letra Dream Of Heaven

Rising Shadow

Dream Of Heaven

Oh, is it there, is it no lie
A paradise above the sky
Over the clouds, over the sea
A place where we all will be free

I don't know nothing at all
Is this God's voice or satan's call
Heaven, hell, where do I belong
And what is right and what is wrong

I don't wanna live dying anymore
See my thirsty soul longing for death's door
I'm a dying child, I'm a living dead
Demons in my soul, demons in my head

You choose the wrong side of the grave
And when you'll rise you'll be my slave
I'll put you all under a spell
Wrong side of heaven's always hell

Still see it there, it is no lie
The paradise above the sky
With no more clouds and no more pain
In a kingdom where God will reign

Ancient wisdom rising, my soul lives on forever
Satan's evil word turns to ashes, to never
Saved from hell