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Confira a Letra Ancient Scars

Rising Shadow

Ancient Scars

There's a hidden side of your mind
A dark voice that calls from behind
Eyes of hell watching from the past
You thought your scars died still they last

Voices from behind now they call
Shouting hate and death to us all
Sleeping giant that never dies
Waiting for the end, wait to rise

Deep scars in humanity's life
Your own life's hurt too
We die by living wrong

Human race, obssessed by the end
Refuses word of one godsend
All the ancient fears like a scar
Torment of our souls gone too far

Waiting for scars to die
Humanity was hoping
And as the Savior came
They pretended not to see Him

Prophecies foretold, we were blind
Monsters of the end in your mind
Without a savior scars will kill
Followers of hell, scars grow still

Followers of Jesus Christ
Scars will die
Followers of antichrist
Scars will rise