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Confira a Letra One Cry Of Hate

Rising Shadow

One Cry Of Hate

I call God for eternity
To judge you for thy heresy
I am in hate with all your hate
And with all death that you create

I'm singing all my hate to you
Jesus Christ is alive, it's true
And together we'll burn thy name
Destroy your evil, shameful fame

My suffering's what you despise
I search for truth, you offer lies
You offer hate on my life's way
I'm filled with love and so I'll stay

Lucifer, I wont play your game
I'll die and rise in heaven's name
I shall receive all hope from God
While you will crawl into the mud

My hate's called love, my hate to you
God's leading me from skies of blue
And Jesus gives me all that's mine
Oh, satan, I will break your spine

I call God to judge you

One cry of hate

L....! S...! L...! S...!
(Father, forgive us for our sins,
Holy Lord, deliver us from evil...)

Oh, satan, I will break your spine