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Confira a Letra Where We Started

Rocky Votolato

Where We Started

Spaceships on the table and your reading is a window
I can see through what this means

Nothing can take this away from me
I knew we'd end up where we started
The road that you're on is the one you chose to go down so stop
Placing blame, it's such a shame, to waste your time worrying
You're gonna end up where you started
I tell you it's simple and you say, "No, No, this complicates"
I say, "You missed the point"
You say, "There isn't one - It's all meaningless"
To end up where you started

Just a couple of kids
Oh come on now who have we been kidding
You can be free, if you decide to be - no one is your enemy
You can choose peace
You're gonna end up where you started
We're gonna end up where we started

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