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Confira a Letra Prison Is Private Property

Rocky Votolato

Prison Is Private Property

The have nots have had enough
And now they're out to kill the king
Of what looks to be an evil empire
Where short-term earnings mean everything

There's a pressure to deliver here,
Your gonna get hurt
If you don't play this game
Nobody will ever know,
Just the CEO to the CFO

If you can work some magic,
We (can) double our paychecks,
(So) make the numbers look right
Wall street is a ruthless mistress
With a quick, and painful judgment

Temptation is in deep now,
Threads of greed run through this fabric
Weaving tapestries over your eyes
To prepare the landscapes for disaster

Anthrax or a plane crash,
Biochemical, or even nuclear attacks
Integrity is too damn expensive,
Discount the price but still
Nobody's buying so come up with the money boys
Or you'll be chocking on a barrel

And it just might be
Your own finger squeezing on the trigger

Call in the reinforcements

You're working hard on a life of your own
Three square meals and a place to call home
The American dream can be found here
If you keep your mouth closed

But the teeth you keep clinched
(Is) what's killing the chance
Your mouth is watering as you imagine
Swallowing each new possession
(It's) building a prison...

You'll think there's a place where you made it
You searched for this your whole life
New answers will satisfy
(But) then you realize it's never enough

That's the slickest marketing I've ever seen
- A spiraling trap
With enough ambition and a firm
Set of rules you can have anything you want

You can walk right out into the world
And capture and kill god
In a little box or a little book
To be understood

But no one can argue with the good sense
And strength of a solid foundation
Or with the weakness born
When corruption is the rule
And not the exception

I'm trying hard to forget
Everything I thought I knew
You've climbed much too high
To let the truth stop you now

Or to concern yourself
With the investments of lesser honest men
The ladder's been brutal
But the payoff is just around the corner

Call in the reinforcements

You're working hard on a life of your own
Three square meals and a place to call home
But you keep getting lost
Each time you walk out your front door

Me I've got a family
I know real well what it means
To make sure there's enough food
On the table each day

But I'd rather starve
Than be a whore for an empty living...