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Confira a Letra Streetlight

Rocky Votolato


we can go and walk in the darkness
get relief at each streetlight
I don't know how much it would cost us
probably more than I've spent in my whole life
on these silly ideas that waste more time than I had to
loose when I woke up this morning
seems like I've got so much more to loose now than I ever had before

little beanie-bean with the calculator keys
can he add it all up, make it all make sense to me
I've got no idea how much more time
I've got left if I can't get my mind right
the simplest little melody has got me all tangled up
in knots

we can go and walk in the morning
we don't need streetlights just a new start
not paralyzed by appearances with big ideas and just way too smart
to walk around on the surface when there's an ocean
just beneath it's blue-green smile
all the while nothing stopping me from jumping in and sinking fast
I'll sing you to sleep first