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Confira a Letra Shimmer Sun Like A Star

Rollerskate Skinny

Shimmer Sun Like A Star

They are the good men
Superpowered men
Every day is as good as any other
They have the good hearts
They're not the victims
Yet of any system that they didn't understand
Biological men
Bend their backs to send a fountain of worry
To the lap of the man
Who already understands
It's easier for some than others
Did you answer to the call or the whisper
Hey hey it's your very last hope
Don't mock the madness to show them all
Cheapen yourself and push for it all
Join the circling round the new kill count your blessings
It's not your reason to just get through everything always count your blessings it's not your always to just get through
Everything with a reason with a reason
They come on all
Ration and pig out small
Never seeing the lazy murdering
The mask is melting
On to the faces now we know the offspring of the slaves of the slaves
Shimmer son like a star
You're alive you're alive
The arms at sides can't touch you
Don't carry stones to the grave
Catch up your stolen rage spit the circus on the fire