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Confira a Letra Bell Jars Away

Rollerskate Skinny

Bell Jars Away

Your skin holds no bones the bones
I know bell jars away let's be fearless with our promises
bowed in for reasons for those reasons
for those reasons
I have thrown myself into your warm hold where you bless away the shivering

we were saved by cars we were saved by bedrooms
somewhere between the pennyshadows
and the ghostbush jewellery
we said there we'd never be alone here chancing our arms to stay true
do you remember imagination a friend I thought I'd never forget this motionless ease
measure me by
Bell Jars away I've a hundred thousand names for you
bowed in for reasons
I could dance on the graves of the people I've been
take me anywhere and everywhere you've been through
when will the world ever end treasure real as my tongue you live through and in me from now to now got so many different bloods for you I'm weak with the rush of the chance I've taken