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Confira a Letra Pick Up Yourself


Pick Up Yourself

You gotta pick up pick up yourself when you fall stand tall

Yo I've been goin down this path by myself for so long it's hard to even know quite
where I belong when times are getting crazy can't tell right from wrong collisions from
decisions makin me weak not strong but I try and listen to that voice inside telling me
don't be afraid don't run and hide yea there's light at the end of the tunnel don't let your
knees buckle, pick yourself up stay strong through the struggle

the waves can crash you all around
you don't know which way is up or down
and the reef can cut you open,
until you're hoping and now you're hoping

Pick yourself off the ground there's a new kid in town with an original sound for
your life right now I know the fight can be hard getting fired from a job lose your
wife and your children and now you're praying to God, 'Lord, I know you're
worthy but I need your mercy when the devil hurts me and my vision becomes
blurry hurry but I'm about to fall yes ya'll you pick me up and now I stand taller for your glory