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Confira a Letra Behind The Eyes Of Partha Mac Othona

Rosae Crucis

Behind The Eyes Of Partha Mac Othona

TITUS:Drive Those nails into the cross, my soldiers, and lets show to our guest, The Justice or

NARRATORE:The man who spoked was the fierce Governour of Eboracum..
In the veins of Titus Silla were burning the Power and The Blood of the Circus Maximum,
where he was years ago watching the Gladiator's fights.
But now, he was enjoying another show.
A Cruel Crucifiction
CHORUS: Crucifiction,Crucifiction,Crucifiction.
The Crucificion of a Pict.

NARRATORE: The Man that Titus Silla called "Guest" was standing alone in the shadows
He haven't warm lips or waving hair like the Greeks, neither the green skin of the south's
people, but the Hardness of the Northen Ones
His apparence remembered the fog, the darkness, the icy winds of the northen lands..
And his eyes, his black eyes was savage and cold like the dark fires, sparkling througth the
slabs of ice.
TITUS:I Believe, Partha Mac Othna, that when you'll return to your tribe, you'll have something
to tell about the Justice of Roma that's in force in the South
BRAN:Yes, i will have something to tell them..
TITUS:Justice for all under the Roman Dominion. Is The Pax Romana, gift for the Virtus, and
punishments for murders..
You Ambassador of the Pittish Land, yu can see with which quickness Roma punishes the

BRAN:I see, a Citizen of a Stranger King Treated like a Roman Slave..
TITUS:He was prosecuted and condamned by an impartial court..
BRAN:Yes, but the accuser was a Roman, like all the witness and the judge..
He killed for the Hungry..
He killed for the Honour

BRAN:Perhaps his king is a Dog, because Roma must crucify all of her citizens condamned by
the Roman courts?
Perhaps his King is too weak or silly , to make his own justice, if will have informed about
the facts?

TITUS:Well, you can inform by yourself Bran Mak Morn.
Roma , my friend, is not compelled to give account of her actions to the Barbarian King.
When the Savages are within us, they must act with discreption, otherwise they will face
the consequences....ahhahahahahahha