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Confira a Letra Rosie's Cabaret

Rosie's Cabaret

Rosie's Cabaret

There's a dark place
That some people may call hell
If that's the case
Then I'll tell you how I fell

On a dark road
In the darkest of nights
There was a lady made of neon lights
Between her legs there was a sign that said
Leave your thoughts in Rosie's Cabaret

I wasn't prepared
Those girls are just like they say
I wasn't aware
That my body and soul were there to stay

In a dark room
I felt something wasn't right
I saw Roxanne under the red light
I looked at her
She looked at me and said
Let's have some fun at Rosie's Cabaret

And stare
Leave your mind in Rosie's Cabaret

And stare
Leave your life in Rosie's Cabaret