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Confira a Letra This Is Love


This Is Love

And your legs are running
Running all over this town
and I will try to catch you
(I'll try ) I'll try to slow you down

It's impossible to think
or just say how I will act
when I come right out and tell you
this is love and that's a fact

well this is love and that's a fact x2
this is love.

its unfortunate that all your friends are junkies
I will not mock or judge them
'cos once or twice I've been there too

Learn to lose a lot from love
Learn to try and try again
Learn to be the one that helps
Learn to not give up on friends

Learn to not give up on friends
Learn to not give up on friends
Learn to not give up

I've wanted you for so long
thoughts of you they fill my heart
we should take off all our clothes
I'm sure you're the one for me

I'll catch up to you some day
or maybe you'll just slow down
And I will ask if I'm the one

If you could ever really ever be with me x7

Could you really ever be with me

If you could really really be with me