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Confira a Letra The Waltz


The Waltz

It's really hard for me to hate you
It's so hard to beat you
You make me feel sad about making me feel bad about this
I can't believe myself this time

Does it make you feel better about yourself
That i think about you sometimes?
(it's making me sick)
Do you forget what they did for you?
(you're making me mad)
'cause i'll forgive what they did to me.
I realize it's over.
Did you notice that you're passed out on the floor?

And they're all alone.
She's talking to me.
I'm starting to cry.
It's making you sick.
You're all going home.
You're leaving me now.
U'm stuck here again.
Just figure it out.
It doesn't seem right.
I'll do it again.
You want me to go.
They've all gone home.
They're freaking me out.
This isn't a game.
I didn't forget.
You're breaking my heart.

Try and forget
I've been waiting for so long
I've been waiting for so long.