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Confira a Letra Center Of The Sun

Samsara Blues Experiment

Center Of The Sun

A dazing gloom has set upon us
But these evil seeds have been spread a long time ago
Guess the sun won´t shine no more
For all the years they shed their acid rain on me
And they pour all their hate on me, pour all their hate on me

The final doom has come to stay, I've seen its shadows rise and shine

Heading off to the center of the sun
Diving into the big black depths of our universe
Need to get rid of this miserable life we live
There´ll surely be some better days ahead for us

Have to leave before my heart is bleeding out
Can´t wait much ´cause it won´t take long
And maybe I´m not the only who feels this way
So come on now let´s get it on
Gotta be free as long as I´m breathing
Have to leave and find a new home
Gotta hurry now and find that better place up there
Right inside the center of the sun

Gonna make this way beyond the horizon
Setting controls for my time-machine
And they´ll never know what I´m feeling
Never see what I have seen

Have to leave before my heart is bleeding out...

Life is just a dream they say, while my life is just a dream away
I heard ´em howling deep down in their black holes
Said their fate was sealed and written in stone
While my lifeline shines in its own bold tenderness
And mushroom clouds are shifting by
Their lifeless shouts mislead the eye
And leave me in distraction

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