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Confira a Letra For The Lost Souls

Samsara Blues Experiment

For The Lost Souls

Look at your life my father, what have you done
In sixty years of living in shame and steady being on the run
And what you tell your sons and daughters, what do you fear
Yeah who will hear your prayer when the end is near

They´re calling you a sinner since the day you´re born and wrote it in your mind
But still you've got a chance to turn or live a lie

So what about you mother, why were you weeping every night
Thought it kept you on the tracks, always been by your side
Say, what were the things that you've been dreaming of
Where could you have been without the celestial one

They're calling you a sinner

Entering this holy house
Feel safe from the one below
But are you really pure in the eyes of your God
Or is it just another show
Let me read in your eyes
And see the bottom of your soul

You've never been a sinner, surely you´re not the only one
The world it won´t be shaking and burning on that day when you´re gone
You´ll never see the things that you've been dreaming of
As long as you are bound to all these empty words

They're calling you a sinner

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