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Confira a Letra Manwatcher



Peeking at you, looking at you through the wall,
Wanting you, your body looking so small,
Teasing me, saying you are gonna do it,
Touching me, loving me and lead me to it,
Anytime, you wanna lay me come and fetch it,
Pretty tight, money maker never gets it.

Say you will, I'll welcome you to my place,
Come inside, helping me to get it out,
Open up, let me in I'm knocking for you,
Looking out, no-one about to call for you
Get it up, walking out in early morning,
Time to go, can I come again tomorrow.

Hold tight take the reins,
Pushing harder feel the pain.

Manwatcher - it's alright
Manwatcher - came tonight
Manwatcher - take the blame
Manwatcher - on the game