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San E

San E

Letras de San E

  1. #LuvUHater
  2. $$o Dope
  3. A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness (feat. Raina)
  4. B.U.B.U. (Feat. Junsu)
  5. Bad Year
  6. Body Language
  7. Break Up Dinner (feat. Phantom’s Sanchez)
  8. Coach Me Lyrics (No.Mercy OST) feat Hyorin (SISTAR)
  9. Cosmic Sound (San E/ Sool J/ STi/ Ultima)
  10. Feeling Good Now (Feat. 양동근, Don Mills)
  11. I Am Me (feat. Hwasa of Mamamoo)
  12. I Deserve It (Feat. Jessi, illinit, i11evn)
  13. I Wanted To Be Successful (성공하고 싶었어)
  14. I Wish You Are Unhappy
  15. Introducing San E
  16. Let's Play (feat. YeEun)
  17. LoveSick
  19. Me You (ft. Baek Yerin)
  20. Mohae
  21. On Top of Your Head (feat.MC GREE)
  22. Seoul, or the 120 Days of Sodom
  23. She's (feat. Jung In)
  24. Sour Grapes (part. Mad Clown)
  25. Story Of Someone I Know
  26. Sugar And Me (feat. Raina)
  27. Tasty San (Feat. Min)
  28. To My Ex-girlfriend
  29. Using You (feat. Joe Rhee)
  30. Wannabe Rapper
  31. What If
  32. You Can't Go (feat. Outsider & Changmin)
  33. You Want It (feat. JOO)