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Confira a Letra Gone

Not a day and not a night goes by
I miss you in my life and I wonder why
You left me here without a kiss goodbye
The longer you're gone the more my soul cries
I'm sitting at the table, there's an empty space
I'm afraid all memories could be blown away
Hope I'll find the pictures of the past
I'll never forget you
I know you don't wann see me like that
So I gotta move on and find my strength back
You spirit will guide me wherever I go
and make me even grow...

I can run, I can hide
I can shout and i can try
But it won't change the fact that you're gone
I can scream, I can fight
I can shout and I can cry
But it won't change the fact that you're gone

Everything you taught me I will keep in mind
We've never been apart for such a long time
It's hard to belive that this world is still turnin'
Without you it feels like my inside is burnin'
I hope you're okay wherever you are
And that you can see my precious star
And I promise to make your every wish come true
Cos I'm gonna smile, laugh and shine for you


Don't now how to get through this storm
Now where is your shelter
I'm left alone here in despair
Everything here reminds me
Of the moments we share
Can't get it out of my head
I cannot change it
I gotta face it
But I know you will light my way
You make me stronger...stronger...


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